WYKDL Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele with White Binding Musical Instrument 23 Inch Full Veneer Acacia Ukulele Four-String Small Guitar High-End Stringed Instrument Professional



The carefully selected Acacia wood veneer wood gives ukulele a good performance of the piano. The sound is clear and transparent, the stability is greatly improved, the sound has more tension, and the wood is not easily deformed.
More than just design for the performer, all those who take music seriously should be worthy of possession, classic and simple design, retain the classic
Excellent Acacia wood solid back panel, giving full and powerful low frequency, excellent resonance stability
Fine fingerboard processing, hand-polished and fine-cutting, and fine chamfering of the fret, allowing the player’s left hand to obtain a smooth and natural feel, and the left hand can perform chord switching and string-chording action without any hindrance.
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