Kmise 38″ Beginner Acoustic Guitar 6 Metal Strings Mahogany Top Guitar Starter Kit with carring bag tuner strap capo hook hanger hand exerciser picks and replacement strings (38 inch)



Product Description


Kmise 38 inch Acoustic Travel Guitar

Bring your beloved guitar

Enjoy your music journey


Kmise Acoustic Guitar

Classic headstock style—— Exquisite and elegant

Pure metal material——Sturdy&Feels smooth in touch

Alloy chrome plated surface——0xidation resistance

Fully enclosed design——Easy to maintain

Built-in precision gears——Tuning more accurate and stable.


Item Size:38 inch

Body Shape:GS

Tuning Machines:Close

Tuning:E B G D A E


Number of Frets:20

Fretboard Material:Hardwood







Metal Stings

The strings use hexagonal carbon steel core phosphor bronze winding technology, giving players a smoother and more reliable tactile experience, suitable for a variety of playing styles, helping you accurately convey the sound you want.

Great Fretboard

Kmise fingerboard has the characteristics of high density, wear resistance, not easy to deform, and comfortable feel,especially suitable for beginners to practice.The lower action allows the guitarist to press the string easily without tired.

Smooth Neck

Kmise guitar mahogany neck is sturdy and durable. After multiple professional grinding and polishing, the neck feels very comfortable.The neck and body are tightly connected to ensure the stability of the neck and sound transmission.







Adjustable trussrod

Kmise acoustic guitar installed adjustable trussrod,player can adjust the action according their need.Comes with original allen wrench,turn the wrench clockwise to get the higher action,and anticlockwise to adjust lower action.

Large Hardwood Bridge

Kmise guitar uses a larger hardwood bridge to increase the resonance area.Hardwood material has strong conductivity, can withstand the pressure of the string without deformation, and outputs bright sound with a stable vibration frequency.

GS Guitar Body

On the basis of the mainstream D-type guitar, the GS body adds a waist shape and widens the bottom of the body by about 7mm, which enhances the resonance effect of the guitar,making it deep in bass,full in alto and clear in treble.


Mahogany Top&Back&Side

The texture of the wood largely determines guitar sound quality.

Indonesia has a typical tropical rainforest climate, and the unique natural conditions ensure the high quality of wood.

The entire body of this guitar is made of high-quality mahogany, which ensures the harmony and unity of the resonance from the sound cavity, making guitar sound more full and stable.

Guitar accessories


Low Action: Kmise acoustic guitar is professionally set-up to the lowest action to ensure guitar lovers comfortable playing without fret string buzz.
Adjustable trussrod: Kmise acoustic guitar has an adjustable trussrod, so you can adjust the neck if necessary. This guitar kit really is worthwhile to own and is a perfect place to get started.
High Quality Travel Bag: Equipped with a high quality soft protective gig bag, this steel string acoustic guitar is ideal for beginners to carry around and play anywhere.
Guitar Starter Kit: Comes with capo, hand exerciser, wall hook hanger, guitar strap, gig bag, tuner, extra strings and picks. This all in one package helps you get started quickly and saves you money.


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