Electric Acoustic Guitar, Cutaway 36 Inch 3/4 Travel Guitar Spruce Top Bundle Kit with Truss Rod Allen Key for Beginners Adults, Natrual, by Vangoa




Product Description


About Vangoa:

Vangoa brand was first established in 2017 as a musical instrument e-commerce platform.

With a young and energetic team, we are able to searching all kinds of unique, useful, high-value musical instruments design from Chinese brands at the beginning of it for anyone who is interested in music, expressing themselves through music.

Today Vangoa has grown far beyond the store, and we’ll be introducing more original products in the future, so keep your eyes open for updates. These new models and features embody the innovation of Vangoa, hope it can inspire your passion to create music, immersed yourselves in new technology and to have fun.

Enjoy your music!


Adjustable Guitar Neck


The Function of Truss Rod

Vangoa unique truss rod design allows every player to keep the neck straight by countering the pull of the strings and natural tendencies in the wood. The truss rod wretch will be included in the acoustic electric guitar kit for adjusting intonation or action (height of the strings above the fingerboard) to keep the precise tone and comfortable playing experience of the guitar.

Correct Backbow

To add relief to the neck, you will need to loosen the truss rod, or turn the truss rod nut counter-clockwise.

Correct Upbow

To reduce the amount of relief and make your guitar a little easier to play, you will need to tighten the truss rod, or turn the truss rod nut clock-wise.



Vangoa acoustic electric guitar features build-in 2 band EQ (Bass and Treble) and volume control to be satisfied with the stage performance requirement of the guitar player. The unique design of build-in tuner makes guitar tuning anytime and anywhere available.








Vangoa acoustic electric guitar features lacquer finish bringing a perfect protection to guitar wood, hardened surface and also a smoothing feeling of touch.


Spruce wood Top, sapele back and side keep Vangoa acoustic electric guitar being of great resonance and sound conduction.


36 inch Vangoa acoustic electric guitar comes with everything you need for start playing. Except for the guitar with built in tuner, you will get a lightweight padded guitar bag, a pack of extra strings, a nylon guitar strap in random color, a aux cable and a capo.

✔ 【Easy to Play】Built-in truss rod better balanced the tension caused by strings or temperature change shrinking for a straight and durable neck. The adjustable guitar neck allows your hand to stay in a comfortable position by keeping the strings in a perfect height. The cutaway design allows you easier access to the upper frets.
✔ 【Stage Standard】It equipped with built-in 2 band EQ (bass and treble) and built- in tuner. You can easily tune the guitar and record the clear sound without an extra mic.
✔ 【Great Value】It comes with 3 guitar picks, 5 mm zipped padded bag, adjustable guitar strap, extra strings, truss rod allen key and capo, which is great for beginners to learn and play.
✔ 【Warranty】 We aim to provide each customer with a highly standard of customer service. If our guitar doesn’t satisfy you for any reason, simply contact us, we take all quality related issues seriously.


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