ADM Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar 30 Inch Nylon Strings Wooden Guitar Bundle Kit with Carrying Bag & Accessories, Sunburst



Product Description

Acoustic classical GuitarAcoustic classical Guitar

All Days Music Inc.(ADM), was started on the principal that entry level or student grade musical instruments should be of playable and enjoyable quality to insure the success and enjoyment of the individual pursuing an instrument.

Our mission is to deliver a better value for your investment. As a professional musical instrument supplier with overseas factories and powerful supply chain resources, All Days Music provides high quality, hand crafted instruments at an affordable offer.

ADM 30 Inch Kids Acoustic Guitar – Your Best Choice

beginner kids Guitar

beginner kids Guitar

acoustic Guitar

acoustic Guitar

beginner guitar for adults

beginner guitar for adults

High in Durability

ADM acoustic classical guitars with laminate finish are less prone to cracking which makes the guitar more durable than the solid ones. The sturdiness of these guitars make them a good preference for frequent travelers and beginners.

High Quality

Strong and dense basswood top, sides and backs have beefy enough sound projection to ensure some distinct mid-range tone. It gives a warmer and stronger sound that is smoother and mellower.

For The Children & Students

The 30 inch acoustic classical guitar was designed by guitarist for future guitarists. this classical guitar offers you a lot of time communicating with your child. Just enjoy the happy moment.

beginner guitar for boysbeginner guitar for boys

beginner guitar for girlsbeginner guitar for girls


Perfect for beginner students and coms with a case, picks, shoulder strap, digital E-tuner, and extra replacement strings

With the lightweight gig bag, you can take your classical guitar to anywhere at anytime, school, party, travel etc.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday, Christmas or graduation gifts for your lovely kids, it will be the perfect choice.

More Details about ADM Acoustic Classical Guitar

Specific Demensions:

·Overall Length: 30 inch

·Scale length: 7.5 inch

·Body length: 13.8 inch

·A good starting instrument.

·Worth giving it a shot to see if it interests you.

·A great gift for music lovers.

How often should you tune your guitar?

Almost every guitar will out of tune at first because the ‘new string’ is a little tight. for new instrument, it’ll take time for the strings as well as the wood to adapt the pulling force.

You should tune your guitar everytime when you perform. Guitars tend to go out of tune quickly. Make sure your guitar is in tune when you begin to play it.


kids guitar

kids guitar

Smooth Tuning Pegs

Smooth Tuning Pegs

beginner classical guitar

beginner classical guitar

Comfortable String Height

Low action strings reduce hand fatigue and are easy on your fingers. This is ideal for beginners who are still building their hand and finger strength through practice!

Smooth Tuning Pegs

Also called machine heads or tuners, a good set of tuning pegs are pivotal to a guitar’s quality. Our pegs are smooth and easy to adjust to keep the guitar in tune.

Rosewood Fretboard & Bridge

The fingerboard of this guitar is made of quality rosewood by hand, which is only for high-end guitar usually. it provides smooth mobility and warm tone.

The Bridge is also made of rosewood, it can efficiently transfer the vibrations of the strings into the soundboard. It is hard and dense and not too heavy to fit the right balance.

ALL-IN-ONE-The ultimate starter kit for a budding musician, this right-handed guitar comes complete with a bag, picks, shoulder strap, digital E-tuner, and extra replacement strings
EASY-TO-PLAY – Well constructed body give a good tone & a comfortable action, the smaller scale length is great for beginners, kids, students or players with smaller hands
GREAT GIFT FOR BEGINNERS-Perfect for beginner students or a young player, started on this beautiful instrument will have a good chance of loving the guitar. With smaller scale length , it’s great for beginners or players with smaller hands
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Within one month and extra ONE YEAR WARRANTY against manufacture’s defects.


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