ACHKL Birds eye maple acoustic guitar folk acoustic guitar Spruce dorsal surface acoustic guitar ACHKL (Color : True color-41 inch)



1 high-quality nylon string guitar, fingers and hands are more easily
2 to bring you the most advanced warm, balanced sound and provides clear treble and bass, clear response / music teacher recommendation, from the outset to provide you with everything you need for the best technology
3 award-winning full-size classical guitar ,, combines durability, elegant / high-quality tuning device and rugged construction, the longer your time playing musical instrument tuning
4 Enjoy precise positioning of the character, but also to get the perfect tuning of the sound even if you play further professional profile of the neck / designed for optimal comfort and good hand positioning and design
5 use a lot of wood in tuning the guitar body and neck, the sound so that it has a balanced / high-quality thin gloss finish adds extra beauty